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I'm getting over you
a high that's wearing off
tossed salad of emotions
now I know what it feels like
to tell them "Go to Hell"
then wait for their return
it's on the tip of my fingers like braille
it's even worse than they said it was
I was broken to pieces
someone else was gonna bleed
so it would all amount to something
tried to write an autobiography of my life
every page read "You."
swimming in this fishbowl overlooking the ocean
just like all the rest, you're just another poem
how reassuring it is that there's salt
in both our tears and the ocean
eyes pour like fire hydrants busted open
neither of us are sure why
but I feel like I should thank you
Lucid daydreaming, watering wilted flowers
to keep my faith in bloom
Feeding wild animals straight from tame hands, they fly
my domestic inspirations to their dream catcher nests, they get lost
among Amelia Earhart legends, burning desires
of ashes scattered across mysterious sea. Jesus, Poetry,
what family I have left
natural resources for survival instincts
the rest become artifacts

To care without worrying remains a sincere fight
regrets dangling like wind chimes
in the breeze of intuition, hypnotic memories
making homes in peripheral visions
bird houses with open sun roofs
and I wanna soar the city starlight come nightfall
How free it must feel to break down with breaks of dawn
How vulnerable it can feel to realize fallen angels shouldn't be followed
even when their wing prints lead you to feel at home
How hypocritical it feels to know the devil is a lie
while believing he's critical pawns to our spawns of healing
Sacrificial wisdom from bees that die after stinging us
Toxins drawn from our bodies circulate with oxygen emitting from trees
Buzzards devour our delectably sour heartaches in rear view mirror reflections
Recurring dreams aren't promised tomorrow
we've excelled at reincarnating our sacred nightmares
better too late than never
Heart, come out to play
You've been in bed all day
and with my mind running nonstop
it's like looking through mirrors
blind in one eye

I see a bright side: Every time I study the sky
with my good eye, constellations seem closer
I remember as a child, placing my hand over an eye
seeing the moon from a whole new point of view
as if some yellow ball of playdough
I could shape into anything I wanted it to be
All those things I felt inside that my blind eye failed to see
It felt like twisting balloon animals into pet peeves
I could bust at my convenience. Or, suck up their helium
to carry a high pitched Voice, flying away
with independent air balloons, and it truly tickles my stomach
descending, being reminded how blessed this wouldn't feel
if I had never been grounded with deflated heart, believing
it took fire to raise me this high
We fall like snow angels
her hugs, bonfire to my hypothermia blood
her eyes rise as two suns
A smile for tomorrow
if never to come

A little piece of Heaven:
She sends me pictures of crosses
as she's crossing our hometown
Rainbows, like how she came back
her true colors shining through
my storm of joy

I'm terrified of fire, she gives me her heart
She's afraid of water, gonna hold her hand in the ocean
I'll lift her pain like the sunrise
treat her heart like sunset
She'll take my breath away
buried alive in her kisses

Chase her like a bubble
floating free above my head
bursting as a whisper
within lifelines of my open palms

A little piece of Heaven:
She sends me pictures of herself
her spirit, silhouette to my candlelight
I want her good nights sung at my funeral
her good mornings, like sweet dreams
I've woken from far too soon
So here we are again
Let's get this over with
because these tears are gonna build a skyscraper
if never allowed to fall
confetti of blueprints

Speaking of skyscrapers, I've allowed you inside
at one time, there were levels
no, stories:

Sweet poetry on our walls
your smiles framed in pictures
Good nights and mornings
I love you's, despite our terrible secrets
concealed in our attic, a basement
of shared childhood

You're left handed like me
So I had this fantasy
You'd draw what you see
with my hand in yours

I never did tell you about the last time we fought
It had been months, I was doing okay
But the blue moon night you came to mind and left me crying
I swear to God, you messaged me that you missed and loved me
at the peak
of my mountain
of sadness

But you set fire to your second chance too
leaving me to choke on the smoke
of promises broken
My hate can be explosive as my love
when push comes to shove, all that pain has gotta blow
somewhere, and you chose the coordinates
so don't come crawling to me from our volcano
when you're burning pieces of rock

You tell me to move on
that I'm uglier than roadkill on a summer day
I say don't flatter yourself, you're as dead to me
as your incestuous miscarriage

And just like that
I'm gone as baby fat


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Stephanie Kay
United States
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Personal Quote: "To the world, you might mean one person. To one person, you might mean the world." & "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."

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