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So here we are again
Let's get this over with
because these tears are gonna build a skyscraper
if never allowed to fall
confetti of blueprints

Speaking of skyscrapers, I've allowed you inside
at one time, there were levels
no, stories:

Sweet poetry on our walls
your smiles framed in pictures
Good nights and mornings
I love you's, despite our terrible secrets
concealed in our attic, a basement
of shared childhood

You're left handed like me
So I had this fantasy
You'd draw what you see
with my hand in yours

I never did tell you about the last time we fought
It had been months, I was doing okay
But the blue moon night you came to mind and left me crying
I swear to God, you messaged me that you missed and loved me
at the peak
of my mountain
of sadness

But you set fire to your second chance too
leaving me to choke on the smoke
of promises broken
My hate can be explosive as my love
when push comes to shove, all that pain has gotta blow
somewhere, and you chose the coordinates
so don't come crawling to me from our volcano
when you're burning pieces of rock

You tell me to move on
that I'm uglier than roadkill on a summer day
I say don't flatter yourself, you're as dead to me
as your incestuous miscarriage

And just like that
I'm gone as baby fat
I know the feeling
eyes still adjusting to the dark
shadowed judgment, heavy eyelids coming down
kick you when you're down
but don't you worry about my decisions
I've changed my mind, and it's wearing a dress now
you've changed your mind and it's wearing me out

My break of dawn body, your brewed coffee weather
each half awake, eyes adjusting to morning dew
illuminated dreams, naked sunshine between
tiptoeing clouds, drifting at the speed
of dripping syrup, these cold shoulders shiver
of truth, bonfires thawing confidence
roaring at the patience of melting chocolate
you don't know the feeling
you don't care to feel it
you believe what you want to hear
I'd like to think you're healing

Hardly recognize your face
always wigging out
can't decipher your voice
always turning me down
tearing me down
tuning out

Once a tweaker of passionate rhyme
now only tweaking
getting your imagery straight as your lies
Gotta kiss ass
before you ask for something
getting your priorities in line
after line after line after crooked line
can you Chinese cut me pure lines
of your fine-powdered metaphors of life
or will they always only accumulate
fantasies of mine?

Don't run away, hide in my shoes
Don't jump, climb to my level
We can go anywhere
No strings attached, no questions asked
It's all irrelevant to our telepathy
There you go, changing your mind
Same boat, hole in my heart
Here I cross the bridge to my song
gonna burn it like wildfire

Steam from ears, inflating fragile balloons
senseless helium, it will carry you away, not home
farther lost, light from self-inflicted nightmares
fear of heights, magnified, balloon overwhelmed, pops
downward spiral, longer than the high
in the first place, worst case scenario, the fall
hurting more than letting go, fixing what never broke, opposed
to some gradually perfected landing of gentle control

you once had a hold of.
I wrote the worst poem of my life
and I love it to death.
The sky was abstract  so I knew you could relate
I told you I saw a unicorn in the clouds
and asked if you could see anything else up there
You came to life as if the clouds had been following you all morning,
 "I've got clouds at my house too!"
You didn't know why I laughed.
You laughed, too, because it was your special mind.
The sky is heavy with guilt today, horned fragility,
I should've known you would love it anyway,
I can hear you tell me there's a heroine in rainbow armor in the sky,
you ask if I can see it too.
I'm not a star as bright as I'd like to be,
but know I'm always here,
just like those silver lining clouds
that follow my Angel home.
You didn't know why I smiled.
You smiled back, because it was your halo heart.


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Stephanie Kay
United States
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Personal Quote: "To the world, you might mean one person. To one person, you might mean the world." & "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."

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